Monday, January 28, 2013

The Process of the Painting

Today, I came into the studio and reworked a piece for the third time.
The first image was to be a contemporary form and function color and shape.
The second image came from washing the first with water and then rubbing (lifting) the colors out in more traditional form.
I liked what was happening, but had seen a form in the piece when I turned it on its side.
I started developing that form and the third image is what came out!

I am calling it "Encore!" I think I'm going to leave this one alone! Just a few more highlighting tweaks...
What a process. This has taken almost 6 months to arrive at!
It is a 4' x 4' watercolor on canvas.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thursday Inspirations

Guyton Christian Church 8 AM

The Old Depot

The Fillin Station
 Don't know what happened but I saw a few shots with my little camera and walked out and about and made them. Came back to do some photoshopping and came up with these. This is where I live and I have an affinity for the ramshackleness of the whole place. Time has forgotten us here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January Musings and Updates

My favorite flower; Vincent's too 

Where does the time go... seems like yesterday and yet so far away, that I was sitting down to write about Stockley Gardens and that was October!... Since, we have had a wonderful Thanksgiving with Judy Hautala coming down and bringing/gifting me with the van that we have used for years to go to Hatteras and environs for vacations. It is a cherished piece of our family's history and I am delighted and blessed to have it. It is old, but it has very few miles... and while I hate to gut it for my art work, it will be my next "artmobile". Time with family during December holidays was warm and wonderful. Uche Ibe, our friend from Nigeria and London came for a week after his certification tests at Emory. He is a Cardiac Specialist in the English system and was recently accepted to London Business School so we are very proud of him. We also keep his family in our thoughts on the upcoming burial of his father... a real loss for the Nigerian people. Gail and I spent Christmas Day together, just the two fo us, and it was really a grand affair! For the first time in my gift-giving I scored a 100%! Every gift made her smile bigger and that gave me great pleasure. We celebrated New Year's at Tyler and Grace's Mini-Mansion in Augusta and had a marvelous time. That sweetie Grace is such a hostess! Down to the Russian chocolates next to our bedsides, she welcomed us as royalty. Tyler had just finished his tests for the mid-year in pre-Med so he was exhausted but we walked and talked and shared many moments that are now fond memories. I have to rein in my pride at my son and his wife. They are our best friends and we cherish them immensely! Okay, so these past few weeks have been busy. I was unable to paint for the longest time, perhaps from distractions, but more that I was so uninspired. However, I am back at it. So thankful for the energy and ideas... Here are a few shots from the studio...

Klimt Inspired Detail; "Hermione in the Parlor"

Another of my muse's ideas, "Klimt's Mistress"

The Working Wall and some of the newest pieces in progress

Love the lighting in this one..."Elizabeth Before the Show"
I am encouraged by the colors now working in the palette. There's a richness I have grown into. Also, the large pieces are coming together in a new way. I am taking risks and giving myself permission to try things and not be so anchored down to the habits and learning of technique my experience gives. I hope I get really old painting... More as soon as I have some more; I'm preparing for La Quinta (voted best show in America 2012!) so I'll hopefully have a new crop of images that will please.