Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Venice Show This Weekend

After a very successful Stockley Gardens Art Festival, I am back in the studio preparing for a show in Venice FL. The show runs Nov 1 -2 and will be staged on the main street in Venice. Looking forward to time with Tyler as he learns the ropes on the show circuit. He's a big help and has taken to framing and packing and driving along with some internet and email duties. I've never had this kind of service! Gail continues to keep me well fed and sassy. Together they form a support system that I can not do without, am continually blessed by, and forever grateful for... Here are some of the newest pieces to be shown...

Bonnie and Brenda 12 x 12

City Gals 24 x 24

Gloria Jenay 24 x 48

Lucretia 12 x 12

Lydia Louise 12 x 12

M''Nelle 12 x 12

Pondra and Cerise 30 x 30

Pinumbra 12 x 12

Persiphone 16 x 20

Paula in Paris, 24 x 24

Mertice Goes to Town 24 x 24

Mertice 12 x 12

Quintessential Quartet 

Sara Sinette 12 x 12

Sarette's Black Hat

Those Gals Again

Valda 12 x 12