Monday, December 29, 2014

Florida Shows Await

After a wonderful Christmas with Gail and Tyler, I am back in the studio and throughout the last few weeks have been working diligently to get the Florida shows ready. This year we booked a condo in Boca Raton for the 12 days and the family is all going! Ty is helping with the shows and Gail has determined she is going "just to be with..." How cool is that! We're closing out a very successful year. And in doing so, reflect on all the warm and wonderful folks who made it so. Each one of my clients is someone special. I am always thanking the Beloved for the generosity and sustenance provided by the loyal and faithful. I add my hopes for a marvelous year for each of them... Here are a few of the smaller pieces (Bruce, these are especially for you to browse... that wall might be filling up but one never knows where you'll find another space to fulfill your collection....!) Happy New Year all!
Aretha 16 x 20

Billie Bert 12 x 12

Cherise 12 x 12

Decco Damsels 24 x 24

Divas Three 24 x 30

Friends Three 12 x 12

Franny 12 x 12

Ellen Agnes 12 x 12

Elegance Trois 24 x 24

Dotty Swiss 24 x 24

Gert 12 x 12

Imogene 24 x 24

Miriam 12 x 12

Pandora 16 x 20

Patchuli 16 x 20

Phaedra 12 x 12

Randi Renee 12 x 12

Renate 12 x 12

Sola Voce 24 x 24

Tandy 12 x 12

Zoey 12 x 12

Saturday, December 20, 2014

New Images






I am working on the shows in Florida coming the first weeks in January but I took a detour for some playtime. I am finding these organic pieces much to my liking. The niche of appreciators is smaller because of the contemporary motifs but I believe these have some strong implications for the future of my artistic placements. These mark the addition of a style and manner I have worked on for years but have just never felt like I had perfected it as a voice. I seem to be finding, at the least, the tune. We'll see how the warbling sounds. More as they develop; I show these "in media res..." Love to all this bright season of hope and joy...