Thursday, February 27, 2014

La Quinta Arts Festival 2014

Time again to celebrate the beginnings of the Tom Barnes Fine Art, LLC launch onto the national art scene. In 2002, Glen Cole and I drove across the Overland Pass in a blizzard to reach sunny California and the La Quinta Arts Festival. Every year since I have made it back out for the show and have been amazed and humbled by the response. I have made fast freinds there and each year look forward to returning to that beautiful scene. This year Tyler is going with so I am especially looking forward to the 80-hour van drive there and back. Gail's taking care of the homeland and keeping the home fires burning. What would I do without her constant vigilance on my diet, my rest, my mental stability and my creature comforts? The Zolberts, the Seifferts, and the Duncans are all joining us for dinner the last night of the show so a raucus reunion is in the offing. And I am packing 40+ Ladies for the journey. May they all find a home! Here's a sneek peek at the show... Enjoy!

Am dropping by Atlanta to deliver a 7' x 4' canvas of Five Ladies... I won't know their names til I get there; the Mclamars have chosen whoat to call each of them based on their study of personalities!
To Be Named 7' x 4' 

A La Cafe 30 x 30

A La Klimt 30 x 30

A Toast to Paree 30 x 30

Alice Elizabeth 12 x 12

Assorted Divas 30 x 30

Decco Dames

Coco 18 x 18

Cirque Damme 30 x 30

Bess, Lila and Baby Lo 12 x 12

Bess and Lila 12 x 12 

Diana Dumonte 24 x 24

Edith 18 x 18

Essie Louise 12 x 12

Eunice Anne 12 x 12 

Three Gals 12 x 12

Fall 16 x 20

Five Toasting Divas 24 x 48

Gals in the City

Gweneth 12 x 12

Heromine 12 x 12 

Lana Elana 48 x 48

Matisse Duo

Ismene 24 x 24

Hey Daddy Reprise 30 x 30

Laurette 18 x 18

Lorraine 18 x 18

Loxley Fitz 12 x 12 

Matrice 30 x 30

My Three Muses 60 x 60

Spring 16 x 20

Prue 12 x 12

Prudence and Punch 48 x 24

Pontine 30 x 30

Pirette and Pierre 18 x 18

Winter 16 x 20

Valda 12 x 12

Trouble in the City 30 x 30

Three Heads Better 24 x 24

Summer 16 x 20

Monday, February 10, 2014

New Pieces Out There in the World!

So, the process is in motion. Rob Harris of DE Fine Art collected 10 pieces this weekend to take on his travels into Florida. Several galleries will be touted with the Ladies... St. Augustine, Ft LAuderdale, West Palm, Key West, Naples to name a few. We'll see... and now for a look-see at the new pieces that are now thrown into the National Gallery Market Place, may they all sell! An update on the California Galleries: Carmel, Laguna Beach, and San Diego are showing the Ladies with pride.
Sybil's Opening Act

Martini Queenie

Bess Lila and Baby Lo

Jacquline and Jacques