Monday, May 13, 2013

Another Award and on the road again!

 Got an email this week from the High Commisson of the Academy of Arts, Sciences and Letters in Paris and I've been awarded a BRONZE MEDAL for the submission to the Louvre last year, Sadie and Sally. I won't be able to hop the pond to pick up the certificate or attend the awards dinner and exhibit, but I am honored. These prizes are given out each year from a group selected by the Academy during the National Society of Fine Arts' December exhibit. I had to send "a body of works" and even a criminal background check to be considered! On antoher note, my representative Benedicte Lecat has been showing four pieces traveling now to several galleries in Europe: Brussells (February), Barcelona (April), Cannes (July). She was delighted to be able to add this award to my tiny list of accomplishments...
The Three Muses

 Back in the studio and working with a passion. Life here in south Georgia has a smooth and mild pace; sunshine and just enough rain to keep the new plantings springing up. It has been a beautiful time. Looking forward to the next two shows, Stockley Gardens Art Festival in Norfolk VA (May 18-19) and Hilton Head Island Art Festival in SC (May 25-26)... A few new pieces are in the works and coming together. Here's a sampling... (Sizes and Prices available by calling 757.477.2599)
A Little Small Village
A Misty Morning
Another Pot of Flowers
And yet another...
Sunflowers in the Wind
Uppa Lazy Riva
Jack and Sam hard at work in their weekly art class... we're studying the Fauves  (Vlamick)