Saturday, October 13, 2012

Stockley Gardens October 20-21, Norfolk VA

Always an event, Stockley Gardens is the show I started doing in 1992 and have done continuously since... the only one I missed was the October after 9/11... that makes this coming weekend my 39th show! And the folks there have been more than supportive. They are my teachers and refiners and commentors and critics; they are my patrons and clients and friends. I remember Gail saying to me, "You can not frame another painting until you sell something!" and I replied, "Now where am I going to do that?" Her response was to hand me a newspaper clipping with the Call for Entries to the Stockley Show.. OMG how scared I was. I have the original pictures (no digitals back then) and in them you can see my toes! I would put the paintings on the floor, stand over the painting and shoot a picture... always I got my feet in the bottom of the frame! Not only have things changed and become so much more effective with discs and pixels and cropping abilities, but they have become less tedious and time consuming. What stress to take a shot and have to wait for Walgreens to develop it! I don't even know where my 35mm camera is now! In these last 20 years, I have seen children who were incubating, graduate from college! I have buried a few wonderful loving art buyers and friends: Lisa, Jim, Arlene... Some folks bought one painting and I never saw them again; others are working on their 18th and 19th pieces! It has been an amazing path. I am ever reminded of my great fortune to be able to take a blank canvas and begin to doodle on it, passing the hours in "the zone," music cranked to the hilt, and to arrive at the place where I say, "Now you are finished." The miles and smiles I seen! I wax poetic, eh?

A word about the new pieces... I have really been "discovering" images in my art. I am playing like I have never played before. I am allowing myself to start with masses and drips and washes of color and then to study the thing, find something of shape and form in it, and pursue that image to a place of cohesive unity. I get to a place with a piece and, in a quick glance, deem it fit for show. Something about the piece has to come together in its entirety... Here are some of those in various stages of the process, hanging for a "look see."

And commissions: These are the latest approved and ready for delivery...

Looking forward to seeing you at Stockley!

And don't forget I have new pieces going up in TLNorris Gallery Greenville SC and at Lee Designs Alexandria...

Thursday, October 4, 2012

National Society of Fine Arts, Paris, 2012 Jury Selection Announced Today!

Again this year, I am accepted into the National Society of Fine Arts in Paris! The event will be held the third week in December and will once again be in the Carrousel du Louvre. The announcement came this morning from Benedicte LeCat, director. This year another American, Joshua Smith, joins the delegation.

Sally and Sadie is a 24" x 24" (66 cm x 66 cm) original watercolor on canvas.

Barry Glustoff at Digital Arts Services in Atlanta is working now on a limited edition print of the piece. It will be a 12" x 12" rendering, will be framed and archivally finished. I am only doing 25 of them and am offering them at $225 each. They will be embellished with my trade-mark gold drip, signed and numbered. Each comes with its Certificate of Authenticity.

I will have an Artist's Proof at Stockley Gardens Arts Festival Oct. 20-21...

Want one? Reserve it now! I'll take calls at 757.477.2599 and will check my email at for requests... I think these two will go well with their internationally experienced cousin, Clarisse!

A WORD ABOUT SADIE: One may see her as a dog or a cat; I have invented a new species in my work called "Doats" or "Caogs" so that I will be politically correct for generations! 

Oh Happy Day!