Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Alexandria Show is Ready to GO!

On the way to Alexandria VA for the Art Festival, Sept 7 and 8, stretching along King Street Downtown, near the Torpedo Factory. Friday Night is the Preview Show at Lee Designs, 1020 King Street, from 6PM to 9PM... My lovely wife, Gail, will be in attendance so it's a great time to meet the prettier side of my life and the one, whom many say, inspires all my Lady paintings. Here's a sneak look at a few of the new pieces... Note the colors and textures... These are the latest in  my experiments and combine watercolors with oil pastel. I've had fun playing with the combinations and am ready to show the efforts to my patrons and clients. Let's see what they think!
Bountiful Bouquet 30 x 30 

CafĂ© du Tois 30 x 30 

Floral One 12 x 12

Pot 'O Flowers 48 x 48 

Penelope 24 x 24