Friday, February 1, 2013

More Developments

As I work on a piece, I reflect, and look, and glance at, ignore, move around, turn on edges and look some more. This is a new process for me: to study the elements and move on a decision. This often takes a piece in an entirely different direction. Who can say where the process becomes "the best" results? Trying not to overwork is always a dynamic. But to shift and reconstruct seems to work well. Here's an example of a piece I did in September and observed for these months. I started yesterday at 7:30 AM and by 10PM (minus lunch and my nap!) I arrived at "I See the Moon." I have a tinge of American Indian in my blood from my mother's side and I think somewhere deep within, this image was lurking for centuries! What started as a free-form contemporary piece has morphed into a folk tale.
The beginnings of a form and structure

I See the Moon
(A work almost complete)
48 x 48 inch watercolor on canvas