Thursday, October 13, 2016

New Images for Stockley Gardens Art Festival October 15-16... This Weekend!

A few new for preview... Website changes will be up this weekend. Looking forward to clear skies and bright smiles as I travel back to roots of art show experience. It's been almost 25 years of painting and selling and placing art in the homes of Virginians living in the Tidewater Area of Hampton Roads. And so many friends who visit, check in and remind me of how blessed I am to have had the warm and wonderful reception for my work... More to come...
Number One        20 x 24

Number 2           24 x 24

Number 3                  24 x 48

Number 4                                      24 x 24

Number 5                         24 x 48

Number 6                       24 x 48

Number 7                                   20 x 24

Number 8                                                  30 x 30

Number 9                                                        24 x 24

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